Immigration Reform

Our current immigration policies are not working. I support strong border control, but also a compassion-ate path to citizenship. This is not blanket amnesty, but a chance for those who were not here by choice to become productive citizens. My policy is simple:

• Build a Border Wall with Energy Producing Technology

• Allow a Grace Period for individuals to Seek Citizenship

• Allow an accountable Path to Citizenship through the H1 Visa program

• Upgrade the USCIS with efficient technology and management

• Increase Penalties for Illegal Employment of undocumented immigrants

• Audit the current Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency

• Audit the USCIS and Department of Homeland Security, and U.S. Border Patrol

• Appoint judges to fill the demands of current immigration levels

• Efficiently allocate needed resources to the U.S. Border Patrol

• Improve Verifiable and Accountable electronic filing of citizenship

• Reevaluate the Citizenship Test

• Institute improved tracking of citizenship applicants

• End Chain Migration

Right to Self Defense

I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. The issue goes far beyond gun rights. No person’s right of legitimate self-defense should be infringed upon. While better methods to prevent persons with criminal backgrounds and severe mental illness from owning deadly weapons are necessary, decent law-abiding citizens should not be unduly burdened.

Energy Policy Reform

Government needs to be more technologically literate in order to formulate an effective sustainable energy policy. Arbitrary regulations that interfere with sustainable energy innovation and really do not protect the environment should be repealed. Energy policy should encourage promising new alternative energy technology (such as a biofuels and hydrokinetics) and free the creative American Spirit of invention instead of suppressing innovation.

National Security

I strongly oppose immigration and visa policies that seek to discriminate any religion, creed, or ethnicity and support a strong vetting process that requires the records of individuals who request visas or apply for citizenship.

Smart, strong and effective diplomacy renders war to last resort in achieving our foreign policy objectives. Our allies need to pay their fair share of the burden of supporting a strong international coalition, aimed at protection of democratic freedom in the face of totalitarianism and terrorism. The USA should end foreign aid to countries that threaten or undermine our national security.

The most important aspect of US foreign policy should be that the safety and security of the American People comes first.


Every citizen should have access to affordable healthcare without government complications. Persons should be empowered to choose the healthcare coverage they want and purchase insurance across state lines. I propose that insurance companies have greater ability to negotiate with community healthcare providers and drug companies for more reasonable rates for persons with preexisting conditions.


Our veteran’s deserve decent and effective health care – not bureaucratic red tape, delays, denials and excuses. I will seek to build on the reforms of the Veteran’s Administration initiated by the President and like-minded members of Congress, including the right of veteran’s to alternative private health care as necessary.


While common sense regulation is essential to protect people, the economy, the environment, and promote greater government accountability and transparency to the People; they should not interfere with constructive innovation and opportunity. In Congress, I will vote only for regulations that further innovation and opportunity, promote better government accountability and transparency, and benefit the public at-large instead of special interests.

“You shouldn’t need a permit for a lemonade stand.”

Individual Freedom

Our campaign is based on protecting individual religious, political, and economic freedom. The US Constitution was written by the founding fathers for the People and its protections should extend equally to all persons, born and unborn. Too many of our politicians have forgotten this basic principle. Accordingly, I am a Constitutionalist and will work to preserve individual liberty in the face of government overreach and abuse of power.

Public Integrity

Political corruption damages public integrity and fosters mistrust of government. The federal government should be able to more easily dismiss incompetent and corrupt employees and appointed officials. The various federal inspector general offices should be strengthened to ensure greater Accountability and Transparency to the American People.


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